Welcome to Creighton & Partners

At Creighton & Partners we specialise in family law.

We started as a firm dealing with children cases, in particular those involving children taken into care, but we have expanded to deal with a wide range of family issues. We have offices in central London and Staines.

Our clients include married and unmarried couples, parents and grandparents, children, and local authorities in London and the South East. Our clients are based across the country as well as abroad, and we deal with international issues,as well as those within England and Wales.

If you have separated from your partner and are having a dispute regarding children, finances or domestic violence, or simply wish to discuss the options available to you, please contact our Family Law Team. Many of our cases involve international elements and we are on the Royal Court of Justice’s international child abduction panel. We understand that separation is not only emotionally difficult but financially difficult as well. We offer competitive rates, fixed fees and flexible payment options where possible, and can also assess your eligibility for public funding.

Whilst we are able to offer legal advice in relation to family law matters, our Mediation Team is able to assist those who wish to try other methods of alternative dispute resolution to resolve their disputes in a more amicable and less contentious way. We can also offer MIAMs meetings to individuals wanting to discuss alternatives to Court proceedings before issuing an application.

If Social Services are involved with your family or children have been taken into care, please contact our Child Care Law Team. We have extensive experience in very high profile care cases, cases involving serious injuries and regularly act for children, local authorities, parents and family members.

Our Mental Health Team is one of the most well-regarded in the country and deals with cases from tribunals all the way to the Supreme Court.