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With family disputes there are plenty of alternatives to having to go through the stress, expense and acrimony of Court proceedings. Mediation is one of them. Our mediators can tell you if your case is suitable for mediation, and if so will sit down with both individuals as a neutral and impartial third party to assist you both in resolving your dispute. We can do mediation in our London or Staines offices.

We are family solicitors and mediators and offer mediation to individuals in relation to family matters in London, Middlesex and the surrounding areas. Our family mediators are experienced family law solicitors and trained mediators with extensive experience in divorce, separation, cohabitees' disputes and issues involving children. They therefore not only understand mediation, but also the altenative options available.

It is now compulsory for individuals with family law disputes relating to children or finances to consider mediation, and attend a mediation intake assessment meeting or MIAM, before making an application to Court. You can read more about these changes in our finance and children private family law pages.

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Family Mediation can deal with other family situations where the couple are not separating e.g. if grandparents or other relatives want to see the children, if there is a dispute about a jointly owned property or if civil partners are separating or contemplating the dissolution of their partnership.

We offer mediation at an hourly rate of £150 per hour plus VAT per couple. Sessions are normally around an hour and a half long. On average couples normally need four or five sessions.

Whether you are looking for family mediation solicitors in London or Staines Middlesex or nearby surrounding areas, contact us today, we are based in Central London.

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Whether you are an individual, or a solicitor looking to refer someone for mediation, for more information or to arrange a free initial chat with Tony McGovern please contact us by email, or telephone us on  020 7976 2233