MIAMs, otherwise known as "Mediation Intake Assessment Meetings", are meetings which now have to take place before many applications in relation to children or finances.

The purpose of a MIAM is to explore different ways of resolving your dispute as it may be that there are alternatives, such as mediation or collaborative law, which may be more suitable and ultiamtely be more successful, less expensive and less stressful and contentious. Mediation is however not suitable for everyone, especially when there may be concerns about domestic abuse. The purpose of a MIAM is to identify both when options like mediation are suitable or unsuitable depending on your individual case.

A MIAM not only explores mediation and alternatives to litigation, but your mediator will also give you more information about the different processes and other resources which may assist you and your family. MIAMs cannot be undertaken by any solicitor advising you as should a MIAM be succesful, and a suitable avenue of dispute resolution for you and your former partner, then the mediator undertaking your MIAM may go on to mediate for you.

If having attended your MIAM it is clear that mediation is not a viable alternative method of dispute resolution for your dispute, then the mediator may sign your Court application form to confirm that you have attended a MIAM.

We charge £100 plus VAT per person for an individual MIAM. For further information on our fees please see the costs section of our website. There is an article with more infomration on MIAMs in the news section of our website.

Whether you are an individual, or a solicitor looking to refer someone for a Mediation Intake Assessment Meeting, please contact our solicitor mediator, Tony McGovern who is able to undertake MIAMs at either our London or Staines offices.